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The Best Buggy Repairing Service in Malaysia

Agri’s Buggy Repair & Services Malaysia team assist on buggy repair/refurbish, buggy service/maintenance, buggy charger repair, buggy motor servicing in Malaysia. Agri Pacific Sdn Bhd is always there for clients in need for Buggy Repair & Services in Malaysia.

Golf Buggy Rental, & Profit Sharing

We are able to engage in golf buggy rental or profit sharing contracts. With our experience we are well equipped and understand the business in and out for the operations of the golf course.

Buggy Repair/Refurbishing

We are able to repair or refurbished buggies for all brands in Malaysia. Email or call us for more information.

Buggy Service/Maintenance

We are able to service or engage in buggy maintenance contract in Malaysia.

Buggy Charger Repair

We are able to repair chargers which are faulty with prior checking and quotation will be provided before the work process.

Motor Servicing

We are able to service motors and provide necessary adjustment for it to operate at optimum condition.

Golf Course Equipment Refurbishment

We are able to refurbish golf course equipment with necessary parts replacements.

Driving Range Management

We are well experienced in operating driving ranges in Malaysia. Agri Pacific Sdn. Bhd. are able to operate and manage with contracts for Driving Ranges in Malaysia.

Driving Range Net Supply And Installation

We are able to supply and install driving range poles and netting for driving ranges and as well as other protection purposes.

Engineering Fabrication

We are able to provide engineering services such as trailer fabrication, modification of electric buggies, custom cargo box for buggies and many others.